What is Giclee Fine Art Printing?

A question we get asked a lot, so for those who wish to know…

Giclee or Fine Art printing is a term used to describe an extremely high quality print. Fine art prints are printed from digital files using archival quality inks onto acid free fine art paper normally at least 300gsm. The word ‘Giclee’ itself is from France and is another term used for Fine Art Printing.

‘Archival quality’ meaning that as long as it is not displayed in direct sunlight it can last a lifetime (or longer!). All Giclee / Fine art printing is a reproduction of the original artist work normally available as Limited Edition pieces, numbered and signed by the artist.

Where can I get Giclee or Fine art printing?

You’re at the right place. Here at Kaleidoscope we specialise in Fine Art Giclee Printing for artists and designers. So if you have any requests please get in touch.